Share Your Love Family Discussion Guide®

Preparing for the inevitable is a tough discussion. It’s one that many people find difficult to have, especially with those closest to them. The Share Your Love Family Discussion Guide® is intended to help initiate an open, thoughtful dialogue with your family as you plan for your future and how to honor your final requests.

The Share Your Love Family Discussion Guide® is more than a simple list of instructions. It covers many topics such as: where to find important documents and key contacts; who should care for loved ones and minors; and who you want to handle decision-making if you become incapacitated. This digital, fillable brochure can be filled out with your loved ones as a part of a family discussion.

Planning now may lessen burdens down the road for your loved ones as they ensure your wishes are carried out as you want. It can also help your executor(s) and beneficiary(ies) avoid added stress or pain because it provides them detailed directions for distributing your assets, thus minimizing any possible conflicts.

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